US # Parking Tickets and What are traffic violations called ?

You can get a Parking Ticket for minor traffic violations or infractions. These are also called civil infractions. Infractions :  The examples are : While these traffic violations are not as serious as misdemeanor and felony, they can still affect the environment of the community and cause traffic accidents, injuries and property damage. These offenses are punishable according to the

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2024 Indian Premier League –  WINNER PREDICTION !!!

Indian Premier League - Season 17 ( 2024 ) HIGHLIGHTS -  This year also 10 Teams are participating in the tournament and World's best T20 talent is on the display  . Till date 21st May  2024 . Important Details are :  TOP 4 Teams in IPL 2024 are : Orange Cap is with Virat Kohli  ( 708 runs ) and

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US # Pets + Bonds , Relationships , Benefits and Services

Nowadays the pet industry is putting lot of efforts and spending more to work out relationships , benefits and services for Human-Animal Bond. In USA about 70 percent of households keep pets. The demand for pets is growing and there are three main reasons for this. One is the Millennial Owners have increased and now 35% of Millennial own a

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 ICC World Cup 2023 Once Again India

ICC World Cup 2023 is the 13th edition of ODI cricket World Cup . This time it is being hosted by India. It all started in the year 1975 in

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